studio inbetween
Kiseung Lee

director of tta

MA applied art and design, Aalto univeristy schood of Arts, Design and Architecture
BA product design, Hongik university school of art and design

German design award 2016 - lifestyle & fashion
Nominated Next generation leader by Korea Institute of Design Promotion 2012
Reddot design award 2007 - design concept

Mobile. +82 10 5044 7724

display for greymansion 2023

fundamental mug for tta

cosmic handwerk " kinetic installation --> VIDEO LINK

tableware for tta 'Atomic salon'

installation for gentle monster --> VIDEO LINK

package design for tamburins. shell handcream (image copyright tamburins)

commercial display for tamburins. sepora

showroom object client. tamburins

"Artificial" GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2016 -> LINK

cell⌀88 brass candle holder -->shop link

cell Octo

one piece of lamp - ceiling lamp

stand lamp - hive

lintu - table ware

bloodbag of santaclaus -> LINK

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