Instant blossom / flower package

people can acquirehappiness from object that includes flowers can become much more attractive than usual as well.
if we can transport the happiness acquired from flowers into this package, much like a cup of coffe that people enjoy.the package will no longer be instant, with the instan blossom, there will be far more than the blossoming of flower, as people will be able to share this inspiration.

By transforming the object's three-dimensional qualities into two-dimensional ones. the"vase" becomes a visual representation of its functional typology. the hydroponic flowers. placed in relation with the new compressed and flattened form of the vase, provide new relationships between the vase and its surrounding spaced, while still being able to communicate the ingerent emotions associated with flowers and vases. a compact package that is composed of visual elements that hint towards the traditional flower pot or vase,instant blossom breaks traditional perceptions of the vase as an object.