("small bird")
dish & cup / 170x170x19,87x87x90(mm) / ceramic / 2011

One day, a small sparrow bird flied inside a cafe hall. Drinking coffee with its tweeting sound was sufficient to enjoy composure at shiny afternoon, at the moment. Things I could give to "the petit musician" as a reward were a cinnamon roll and one cup of cappuccino.


 It was coincident. as if the moment made for the day, at the moment, I thought if the bird was seagull instead of sparrow, It might be horrible. I came up what I used to, old superstition ;  if some bird comes inside of building, it has certain reason to do that. commonly, in order to rewarding  grace, reincarnation of someone or saying farewell last time before sprit going to afterlife, It didn't matter which purpose the bird had. the truth was it attract every attention from those who were in the cafe. from somewhen, I have put everything into my perspective, assigned certain meaning even normal phenomena, the bird might come in without intention, whoever thought it as a reincarnation, farewell, rewarding grace. it might was there just for seeking eatable thing. Drinking coffee along with hearing bird tweeting sound is mesmerizing. it apparently graved intensive record on my brain. A presence of the bird was sufficient to enjoy composure autumn afternoon in Helsinki. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any coin to throw to the pettie musician. the things what I had were cappuccino and cinnamon roll I ordered on the table.

And I calmly put the cinnamon roll dish on the floor as hoping not disturbing its performance filling cafe hall.

encounter with birds

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